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Servo motor maintenance related issues

Author:admin Date:2020-11-27 Visits:

How to repair the servo motor? Are there any practical tips for repairing servo motors? Here are the secrets for everyone:      , mechanical partial maintenance is replacement of damaged bearings. Related to the maintenance of ordinary motors, only the bearings are special. Since most servo motors are synchronous motors with magnetic poles on the rotor, ordinary data cannot be used to deal with the problem, so the data customization becomes particularly critical. At the same time, the alignment request is higher than that of ordinary motors, but the replacement process is not complicated. There is little difference in motor maintenance.      2, electrical local maintenance mainly includes winding, magnetizing and encoder maintenance.      (1) Winding is relatively simple, just wind it back according to the original motor circuit and wire diameter, provided that the copper wire should be of high quality.    (2) Magnetization needs have a certain technical content, usually external magnetization and disassembly magnetization, the former is suitable for some stator magnetic field magnetization; and disassembly magnetization requires skills, except for the need to know the original motor's magnetic strength , It is also necessary to understand the distribution situation, and the shape must be guaranteed. The choice of materials is also critical. The materials of high temperature resistance and high electromagnetic interference resistance should be considered first.      (3) Encoder replacement and maintenance are the center to test the technical content in servo motor repair. After all, most imported servo motors are in non-standard communication formats. Early incremental products can be interchanged with each other, but the new generation of products once constituted different internal specifications. Different manufacturers have different specifications, plus the pulse density is too large, and the encoder has different algorithms for alignment. As a result of the lack of commonality of products of various brands, it is more difficult to form maintenance.