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Selection of servo motor specifications

Author:admin Date:2020-11-27 Visits:

The specifications of each type of servo motor have parameters such as rated torque, maximum torque and motor inertia. There is a correlation between each parameter and load torque and load inertia. The output torque of the selected motor should meet the motion conditions of the load mechanism Claim. The weight of the mechanism will affect the selection of the motor, and the motion conditions will also change the selection of the motor. The greater the inertia, the greater the acceleration and deceleration torque required, and the shorter the acceleration and deceleration time, the greater the motor output torque. When selecting servo motor specifications, follow the steps below. (1) Clarify the motion condition requirements of the load mechanism, that is, the motion speed, the weight of the mechanism, and the motion mode of the mechanism. (2) Carry out appropriate load inertia calculations according to operating conditions, and calculate the load inertia of the mechanism. (3) According to the load inertia and the motor inertia, select the appropriate selected motor specifications. (4) Calculate the acceleration torque and deceleration torque by combining the initial selected servo motor inertia and load inertia. (5) Calculate the load torque according to the load weight, configuration method, friction coefficient, and operating efficiency. (6) The maximum output torque of the primary selected motor must be greater than the acceleration torque and load torque. (7) Calculate the continuous instantaneous torque according to the load torque, acceleration torque, deceleration torque and holding torque. (8) The rated torque of the primary selected servo motor should be greater than the continuous instantaneous torque.